Art when you travel

Out of all the things I enjoy most in life, travel is one of my favourites. Art is also a very big passion as you might realise. So when I travel I take an art journal and some watercolour paints, pencils and supplies. This makes travel even more interesting for me. I like to go places and sit in coffee shops and see the world go by. Listening to buskers in Bath, UK. Sitting looking over the water in St Ives Cornwall. Having a glass of wine on the edge of the Seine in Paris, just across from Notre Dam. 
Even at home sitting in my favourite cafe looking out at the water.

I remember these moments because I engaged my mind to draw whilst I was there. I love to take photos, but can't engage as much with the photo as I do with a picture I have drawn in my art journal.
Taking a moment to sit and really look. It a building, a sidewalk. The patterns in a stain glass window etc. The picture whether skillfully drawn or very quick sketch imprints itself in your mind.
I sometimes will take a photo just because I want to really remember that moment and journal how I felt.

I have included a video of my art journal. I want you to know that you do not need to start as an accomplished artist. To be honest, not every drawing I do is absolutely what I saw before me. What I am most interested in is how that place or moment made me feel. If you are not a quick artist, you can finish it at night, or even when you get home. It is lovely to rediscover a place you went by sitting with the thought of it when you arrive home. Please read past the video as I explain more of what prompted me for certain pictures.

One of my favourite drawins is one I did from a photo I took. ( I know it was naughty, but so much feeling)  It was of a man sitting haveing morning tea in the Pump Romm in Bath. I could not help but feel he had done this before with a special person.

I love to people watch, and I love to make up stories of life. It may not be the truth, or maybe it is. I felt there was someone else there.

I loved the buskers in Bath and would sit and draw whilst I watched them. Drawing does get better as we relax and start to look at shapes, colours and stop the voices in our heads convincing us we cant do it. The truth is the busker did not look exactly like that. But I remember his face drom my drawing.

Please give journaling a go. A small notebook to start and some pencils. I know it becomes adictive.