Using stamps in your planner

Stamps can be such versatile tools when it comes to planners and bullet journaling. You can create layouts any style you like, any colour and in any kind of planner. 

‘There are things to consider before you start. You will need.

  • an acrylic block - this is a reusable clear block that can be used indefinitely. It holds the acrylic stamp s that it is easy to stamp. 
  • ‘Polymer stamps - In my shop I am creating a group of stamps that are tailored to planning, but may also be used for cardmaking, scrapbooking a any other stamping projects. There are two types of clear stamps- acrylic and polymer. Polymer stamps are sticky, and will stay sticky for life. This is advantageous as they will also always sick to your blocks. Acrylic stamps may become brittle with age. My stamps are polymer and will give you years of stamping pleasure. I am a boutique stamp maker and each stamp is created in house. This enables me to design stamps that work for special needs. Stamps may stain with inking, but this does not diminish their quality.
  • Inks - inks are an important choice when you use them in a planner or bullet journal as you will want to stamp on the next page. Using incorrect inks will give images on the next page. My dew drop Versa Magic inks are perfect for this process. They are affordable and will not bleed through.

Please ask Any questions regarding inks, stamps and how to use them.