Where to start with your creativity

Welcome to my first video in my new studio, I am excited to start my new tutorials and hope you become really inspired.
So many people are saying they are lacking inspiration on subjects and things they would like to put in an Art Journal. There are so many pictures on Facebook and Instagram that sometimes it can be truly daunting.

This video is about finding what inspires you. Having different sized journals, different paper and where you can look for inspiration. I hope you enjoy  and it helps you with ideas. There will be more to come. Please share my page if you know anyone who would like inspiration.

After you watch this video, go and buy a second hand children's book with sturdy pages. Make sure it is not an important story to you. It should be something you are happy to paint over. Something that you are happy to make into an art journal.

Start collecting magazines and picture that you like. I will show you how to journal even if you don't believe that you are an artist. This is an exciting journey that I hope you come on with me.

My pages may inspire you in your creativity, as I work in many diverse mediums. I like to think of myself as the artist that loves everything that can make a mark. My experience has been motivating creativity. This new video way is new to me and I will endeavour to keep improving. Please ask questions, I would love to hear from you all.

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