Gezellig Workshops 2022 - “friends of gezellig scheme”
We would love to offer you a new way of joining Gezellig 2022. 
Paying £39 pounds now will add you into our “friends of gezellig scheme” - each friend of gezellig has the opportunity to bring 4 friends along - and when you do - you both earn £5 - they will pay just £54 when they mention your name and you will get a £5 discount added to your booking.
In June 2022, we will contact you to let you know how many £5’s you have earnt (up to 4 maximum) and will ask for your final balance !
So - if you bring 4 friends along - you will get £20 off the total price and you will owe us nothing !!!
Below you can choose to pay the whole amount or pay the 39 pounds now and invite friends to the group. .
You will then be on a list.
Go shout about Gezellig to all your friends and all your groups - show them photos of what you have made - tantalize them !!!!
When they book / they MUST PUT your name in the box provided.
When we see your name in that recommended space, we will make a note of it
In June 2022 we will send you a little pm and let you know what you have earned 🙂
So - what are you waiting for 🙂 - go book.

“friends of gezellig scheme”