Gezellig Workshops 2021

Lets celebrate 2021 and the future by getting together to in Gezellig 2021. We are excited to be presenting this wonderful creative experience yet again in 2021. 

Online course

2021 - Price is £59 

From the 3rd of July until the 28th of August 2020,  you will join Jolene and Lucy in 8 weeks of –

  • weekly creative mixed media projects
  • weekly story telling
  • weekly self development projects
  • Weekly Zoom meetups (this is new)

All activities are designed to take you on a journey through the story told.

The Summer School is held in a private Facebook group,  where there will be pre-recorded videos, alongside guidance from your tutors.

This group becomes a community, and everyone is welcome to show their art and speak about their experience of the self-development activities. Every week starts with the telling of a story. Each weekly mixed media project is in some way built around the theme of the story.

The self-development activities come later in the week, and Jolene who is a professional therapist creates projects that inspire you to look at life in a different way.

Together Lucy and Jolene spend a considerable amount of time deciding on the projects that they create in this mixed media offering. Gezellig Summer School is a creative offering like no other.
 We realise it can be hard to commit to a whole year, so we decided to make 8 weeks of very special projects that inspire and delight. Although we are in the group supporting for the full eight full weeks, the group remains active indefinitely so you can head over anytime to finish projects. 

We would love you to join us for Gezellig 2020

Community created through sharing of common bonds.

                 Join us in 2021 for our third Gezellig Summer School. 

The price for 2021 is £59 
Please note that Gezellig Summer School is in UK pounds
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