I wanted to share a snippet of the amazing Gezellig Summer School, Online retreat.

Jolene Payne and Lucy Campeanu are skilled teachers in mixed media and are proud of this project.

They know you will enjoy making these wonderful projects as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.The Summer school is 8 weeks of two videos a week. Every week for 8 weeks there are two videos set around a famous fairy tail with a twist.A mixed media project, a self development activity and some community fun in the designated Gezellig Facebook group. You will create not only in paper, but also polymer clay, fabrics etc. All products easily available. All projects achievable to beginners as well seasoned crafters. Of course if you cant be there for the 8 weeks that it is on, it will still be online until the end of December. To complete at your own pace

Please join HERE



We would love you to join us