Gelliplate online class part 2 Image transfers and projects


31st th of May 2020 10 am to 2.30 pm

I am so excited to create this online course. part 2.

This class will incorporate more involved image techniques.

Image transfers and more technical  amazing effects.

Please see part 1 first if you are a beginner.

This class takes you through the many uses of gelliplates. Things that work great and how to get consistent results. Creating patterns and designs using many different textures and aids, from stencils to household products.

You will need

  • A computer with a webcam
  • Zoom availability on your computer
  • a Facebook account ( a group will be started to give you information and answer questions before the class)
  • A gelli printing plate, I love the 5 x 7inch one, but any size.
  • a Breyer roller
  • Acrylic paints ( as many colours as you can find :)
  • Lots of paper, photcopying paper, watercolour paper, I also like to use the Officeworks inkjet/laser board ( its cheap and great to use. )
  • We will discuss papers etc when you get in the group.

The private facebook group will be a place you can ask questions before the class. I will also put tips and things that you will need ready on the day. It is also easier for me to make sure that we have everyone ready and able to use zoom. We dont want an yone with stress over the technical stuff. I will put up a little tutorial for you to watch on the zoom side.

So come along it will be great fun.

You will receive a digital download after paying that lets you know the group address and with the information you need to login. Please read this first.

I look forward to seeing you in the group :)