Watercolour Fairy Wren Zoom class 4th September


Join me for the Fairy wren watercolour Zoom class. Create this lovely fairy wren in watercolours A4. 3 hours. 10am to 1 pm Sydney Time
In this class we go over techniques first and then create this fairy wren picture. I will provide you with full instruction for pre class info to be all ready for the class.

We will practice techniques before adding to the picture. 

  • You will requireCold pressed watercolour paper - Cotton if possible 
  • The quality of your paper will make the greatest difference to your art work. Please have a few sheets as we will do some exercises before we start. 
  • haloWatercolours - Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine blue, lemon, Pthalo blue, lemon yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Neutral tint or Paynes grey.
  • Watercolour brushes large round size 10 or 12,
  • Watercolour brush small 6 or 8 - The BORN brand watercolour brush set from Officeworks is perfect for a budget set.
  • Masking tape - good quality. 
  • A board to tape your 
  • Two water containers, Paper towel
  • a board or placemat to tape your paper to. 
  • Hairdryer,
  • computer or tablet with web cam